Bartender show by Monica Balli events

You might have surely come across this perfect meme, which perfectly describes why you need alcohol to enjoy. “I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun, you don’t need running shoes to run, but it helps” So why not add that bit of a booze to your event and make it

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How to surprise with food

There are two kinds of people in this world. The big foodies and the “normal crowd”. And the foodies, they just walk, talk and speak food. And yes, when out at an event or a party or just be anything, they will have a curious eye for your food. Food critics graciously out number the

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Fun drinks recipes

A party without drinks? Are we talking about 2017? Hell no! Let us tell you this straight fact- never ever ever in the history of mankind, there was party hosted without drinks taking space on the menu card. And yes, we are just not talking about alcohol. After all it will be so unfair for

Los-angeles Tuscanbites

Tuscanbites landed in LA for a true authentic Tuscan foods experience and Red Carpet Tips with Fabolous Hollywood designer Charlie Lapson was there to capture this unique experince. Italy’s finest wedding and event producer Monica Balli is proudly presented an authentic Tuscan experience to Angelenos who enjoy the finer things in life at the launch

Tasting of craft beer

Every event you will get going will ave a bar … The question is: what sort if bar? I have seen the in the US the bar us great,y appreciated …. And I truly understand why! Trust me. In Italy – the bar has in sense ! Bartenders may be cute , but 90% of

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Must say that te bride , Kim was stunning – Looked like a top model in her Armani dress and Andrew….. Just the same appeal at Mr. 007! A rustic chic farmhouse nestled in the lower Tuscan side – maremma with stunning views, grounds, pools Jacuzzi….and you think it – we had it! Ceremony in

Now a Taste of Tuscany

Ready …set…go!

Up here in the Middle of the tuscan hills for a rest before we take over the production of Kimberleigh and Andrews wedding – just below sia in a wonderful scenic natural tuscan setting. Now a Taste of Tuscany di ber for me! Hurray!!!!! Crostini Toscanini Pappardelle al cinghiale E finish up with a touch

Tuscabites Chef at home service for intimate events

A Tuscan get together

What a better excuse than just get together? Incite friends and family to meet and celebrate life, love and friendship – all with authentic Tuscan chefs – the only real way to get real and taste like a Tuscan – Tell me – do you think a chef abroad, even if Italian can keep the

Coktalis negroni

Cocktails and Italy are not exactly the perfect blend …but think about it: Italy is the home of many cocktails and liqueurs that have become famous worldwide like martini e rossi, aperol , cinzano and many more. Sparkling cocktails has made the Italian Aperitivo a real Star : Rossini, Bellini, Tiziano,Mimosa and authentic italian cocktails

Traditional american cakes made to our with the best patiesseurs and decorators upon design

It is funny to hear all our brides and guests say: “wow, think food is just amazing, never tasted anything like this!” It is true, Italian food is known world wide for it’s variety, pasta, colour and above all: the Taste ! Do not mix though, the Italian food abroad to the Italian in country