Do you wish to go to some faraway lands, where the fun never ends and the party never stops? Do you wish to be on your own at a place where the grass is greener, the sunsets more beautiful and the waters deeper? Yes, such places do exist! Enjoy the finest of luxuries at the

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The arts of the Renaissance, the wines, the foods and all harmonized by a breath taking landscape. The combination of beauty and charm is the main reason Italy is today considered as  one of the top destination weddings countries in the world. Planning a  wedding abroad is always a little stress full if you try

Celebrity Events

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you call Italy to be your favorite destination. The picturesque beauty makes it an ideal destination for all the people out there. From the breathtaking views to perfect locations, Italy just has it all. A lot of celebrities have tied the knot at this beautiful place. Not only a

Have you ever been to an orchestra? The much detailed event glides so smoothly in a much more coordinated feel, leaving the audience awestruck and mesmerized. And the orchestra conductor, who holds the whole responsibility for the show to be a success, is surely the man of the event. Well, you can just compare an


So, what are the odds that your grand event caught attention of those thousands of eyes and earned that thunderous applause? To be honest, none, if you did not market yourself well. You may not have a choice of how your event goes, but you do have a choice on how you present it. It

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The words “thank you” may seem like a complete sentence in itself, needing no further explanation. But, owing to such a great event you hosted, how wonderful it could be if you had a little token to express just how grateful you are to have your guests at your event. Why not welcome and bid

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How to design your event

Often, the first steps are the most difficult ones. You have an idea in your head, but you do not have any clue where to start from. Just having that clear picture isn’t enough and may land you up nowhere. You may start jumping onto the bigger things first, but know that the smaller details

Coconuts on the beach

Events! Well, they have a very special role to play in our lives! Who won’t like to enjoy them to the fullest? Having the event in an exotic and beautiful destination instead of a hometown venue is a great idea to combine the pleasure of the occasion with a chance to relax and enjoy. You

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Party is a key moment of Your wedding… “The” wedding for our grandparents. And a set table is its heart! Celebrate with relatives and friends, good wines and tasty food, this is what a wedding means, since forever. And also today wedding is based on the joy of sharing and celebrating together the birth of