So, what are the odds that your grand event caught attention of those thousands of eyes and earned that thunderous applause? To be honest, none, if you did not market yourself well. You may not have a choice of how your event goes, but you do have a choice on how you present it. It

Flower decor

Myfarah is your ultimate online wedding resource, guiding you through every stage from engagement to the big day. Some of my creations has been posted on it. ITALIAN ROMANCE – Events transforms an historical castle into a 5-star escape, bringing to life a bygone era complete with contemporary amenities. ART DECO – The luxurious home of

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After dinner

Let the party start! Open bar, sweet corners, surprises. Just an excuse to leave tables and lead guests to the bar for coffee! Details reveal Your personality… look after them! Remember…  it’s Your wedding! To have after dinner coffee and samples You can arrange the same place You had cocktail before, but You can also


Party is a key moment of Your wedding… “The” wedding for our grandparents. And a set table is its heart! Celebrate with relatives and friends, good wines and tasty food, this is what a wedding means, since forever. And also today wedding is based on the joy of sharing and celebrating together the birth of


A lot of couples opt for a wedding list in a travel agency today. It’s not considered improper any more: feel free to change Your wedding list in a contribution to Your honeymoon trip! Let Your friends help You to make Your dream true! Anyway, it’s important for You to take some precautions to avoid

Party Favours

A party favor for Your guests… A small gift to those who has shared with You Your special day. We all have a lot of little, different objects spread all over in the house, on furniture and cabinets… silver, crystal, ceramics: the bonbonnière is a symbol of our joy in sharing such an important and 

White and rigorously odd number, sugared almonds and bonbonnières are given to guests as thank-you gift and souvenir of Your special day together. Traditionally tailored in precious tulle, more often today in small lace bags, sugared almonds are always in odd number – usually five – to signify what should never fail in the couple’s

Wedding list

For You and Your groom: choose what really turns Yours heads! Your house to furnish… so exciting! Also when You live together before wedding, and You have all the necessaries, it will be enjoyable update ordinary objects. Pay attention: be accurate and the result will be great: no gifts out of the list and incomplete

Italian romance mis en place

Mise en Place There are many different kind of waiting services, five internationally approved: You will opt for one or the othe other depending on circumstances and offers. Wedding services are usully the english or the italian one. English service: the waiter serves commensals from tray. Italian service: dishes are prepared in the kitchen and

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Invitations & announcements

Your first challenge! Hard but certainly gratifying! At first write full names, and You get a head start on work. Step nr. 1: guests list and “potential” guests. Exactly! Who You would like to have, who You must have and who… no! Dividing Your wedding list between bride and groom, relatives, friends and potential guests,