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When in Italy do what the Italians do! Sure enough, fair enough. Ok, to be honest, you would so want to do Italian even if you are not there. So, you want a dose of Italy in your party? Add some flairs to your event that will make it look all Italinooo! Food How can


So, what are the odds that your grand event caught attention of those thousands of eyes and earned that thunderous applause? To be honest, none, if you did not market yourself well. You may not have a choice of how your event goes, but you do have a choice on how you present it. It

Coconuts on the beach

Events! Well, they have a very special role to play in our lives! Who won’t like to enjoy them to the fullest? Having the event in an exotic and beautiful destination instead of a hometown venue is a great idea to combine the pleasure of the occasion with a chance to relax and enjoy. You

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Destination activities

Ok – finally you decide on your perfect spot and location for the destination wedding – what are the next steps ???? Indeed many – but fun! One thing you need to think of is that a destination wedding is a also a celebration of being together and for many a holiday – so check

Coktalis negroni

Cocktails and Italy are not exactly the perfect blend …but think about it: Italy is the home of many cocktails and liqueurs that have become famous worldwide like martini e rossi, aperol , cinzano and many more. Sparkling cocktails has made the Italian Aperitivo a real Star : Rossini, Bellini, Tiziano,Mimosa and authentic italian cocktails

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Destination wedding are increasing year by year, and when your save the date goes out: you plan having 50 guests and you end up with more. This is a normal trend, usually you would have a 10%-20% off your invitations. Here are some tips to: Make all come Make some reject It is all up