This amazing world we live in is to be celebrated in all its corners. So many amazing destinations to enjoy for your event. Destination Italy is our winner  being Home players, from Tuscany to Capri, over to the Italian Riviera and Sardinia. But do not worry, our selections worldwide are truly unique: from the BVI to the Maldives, from Los Angeles to New York. If that destination has something unique and stunning we have it in our portfolio or we are ready to take it.


Ready to discover our favorites hotspots in Italy, where charme, flair and beauty meet creating a truly unique destination for events.
  • Capri
  • Tuscany
  • Portofino
  • Sardegna
  • Venice



The unspoiled beauty of the DolceVita still lives in Capri today. Its white houses, small pedestrian street, turquoise waters, and the Faraglioni. The piazzetta. Well, a place that from Caesar Augustus to today is considered to be unique and unspoiled. We love this island, its people and the magical atmosphere we are able to great here for your event.


From rolling Tuscan vineyards to olive groves, all with a twist of renaissance and medieval times . Private villas, castles, resorts to name a few and above all that unspoiled hidden beauty you need to be local to know that we hand out to your hands to make your event truly unique and magical. Fun, a flair, a life style to be combined to your Desires and Dreams. Tuscany, land of wines, tuscan foods, love and your story.


The fashionable Italian Riviera, with Portofino as its little unspoiled hidden jewel. A Destination not for all, but truly unique and very chic. If you love the blue waters , yachting, hidden historical gems as event backdrop, historical formal gardens and unique resorts..its the place for you. Resorts, homes, private villas, castles, ancient monastries, Yachts and much more are waiting for you to witness your destination event and pamper you and your guests.


The Italian Caribbean is waiting for you. White and pink beaches, wonderful resorts with an Italian authentic twist in wines and foods. From the Costa Smeralda founded by the Agha Khan to the southern part of the island this unique spot offers magical unique off beaten track places suitable for any size event. Very chic, natural and at the same time trendy, Sardinia is an authentic jewel all to discover.


A charming part of italy where most people leave their heart due to the beauty of the place, the warm hearts of the locals,the views and natural beauties, its typical authentic flair. Narrow windy road to bring you from town to town, from positano, to amalfi to ravello and on and on. A charming part of italy where most people leave their heart due to the beauty of the place, the warm hearts of the locals,the views and natural beauties, its typical authentic flair.


Venice is a very romantic city, with it’s spectacular narrow walking streets, its bridges and the lagoon. NO other place on earth and this is what makes it so special, the romance is at every turn, every bridge, avery view. Either it’s your destination wedding or your coporate event behind the carnival, this city is one of a kind. Reproduced all over the world, come to the authentic, one and only. The Palazzo’s, private villas, private islands, museums, be a great way to celebrate in a place no one ever did before.



This part of Mexico is famous for its nightlife, fun, white beaches, tortillas and Maya ruins. You think of it, we have it. Great beaches and resorts, Great for any size group. Say yes barefoot on the white sand and party all night to the moon.


If your dream has always been to get married in the middle of natural environments full of charm, uniqueness and history, your destination is Croatia. The beauty of nature and the mild climate in Croatia is ideal for weddings. Croatia is a country known mostly for its beautiful sea, but many are also its natural parks. And one of the few places in the Mediterranean reached briefly where you can celebrate civil marriage on the beach. Several types of accommodation and banquet can join to your wedding so as to offer to you and your guests a memorable travel experience.


This islands are just magical – a casual elegant chic with white sand beaches, turquoise waters and great boutique resorts. Perfect for children and families. The perfect destination wedding getway with family. This islands have the nr one yacht show in the world and is very famous for the Vintage regata and the sialing week in april. A great way to combine sports and passion. The yachts and the marina here are just stunning and the properties for fun and the events are multiple.


Remember the ABBA songs, Maryl Streep hiding from those 3 amazing men in that charming white village with blue roofs. Excatly, that is Greece. Many islands ,very different one form the other , with Legends from the seas and the many Gods. The charme, the sun and the flair will absolutely capture you! A destination wedding with white and blue roof tops, turquoise waters and beach activities.


Istanbul I must admit is the most vibrant city I have been to – so different in every corner of its streets. From the Grand Bazaar to the Sultans rensidences. The history you taste while walking around can only hug you. The most luxurious properties, with Golds, crystals and ornated rooftops can be the setting for yourevent – but not only, you may choose to be pampered by truely ancient temples and stone buildings recovered with glass and steel to make the setting absolutely contemporary and chic.


is always a destination for trend, perfect for wedding overseas with a wonderful temperature and where you can continue your journey in amazing locations. This part of Florida is one of the five destinations more popular in the world to live in a special way, the most important day of your life. Miles and miles of white beach, many Cafes on the boulevard with tall palm trees and one of the most glittering nightlife in the world. You will think to be inside a movie and you will be the lead actors.


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