Bachelorette capuera with tuscan flair

Production Launch Events

A production launch event is not always to mark a grand beginning, but can also be to publicize your event. You want it to be perfect and so create a good checklist before this show. Yes, it’s a show and you own it! The Magnificent Show Give your event a spectacular kick-start and create a

wedding florence italy by Monica Balli

When in Italy do what the Italians do! Sure enough, fair enough. Ok, to be honest, you would so want to do Italian even if you are not there. So, you want a dose of Italy in your party? Add some flairs to your event that will make it look all Italinooo! Food How can

Bartender show by Monica Balli events

You might have surely come across this perfect meme, which perfectly describes why you need alcohol to enjoy. “I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun, you don’t need running shoes to run, but it helps” So why not add that bit of a booze to your event and make it


So, what are the odds that your grand event caught attention of those thousands of eyes and earned that thunderous applause? To be honest, none, if you did not market yourself well. You may not have a choice of how your event goes, but you do have a choice on how you present it. It

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After dinner

Let the party start! Open bar, sweet corners, surprises. Just an excuse to leave tables and lead guests to the bar for coffee! Details reveal Your personality… look after them! Remember…  it’s Your wedding! To have after dinner coffee and samples You can arrange the same place You had cocktail before, but You can also


Party is a key moment of Your wedding… “The” wedding for our grandparents. And a set table is its heart! Celebrate with relatives and friends, good wines and tasty food, this is what a wedding means, since forever. And also today wedding is based on the joy of sharing and celebrating together the birth of

Party Favours

A party favor for Your guests… A small gift to those who has shared with You Your special day. We all have a lot of little, different objects spread all over in the house, on furniture and cabinets… silver, crystal, ceramics: the bonbonnière is a symbol of our joy in sharing such an important and 

Wedding list

For You and Your groom: choose what really turns Yours heads! Your house to furnish… so exciting! Also when You live together before wedding, and You have all the necessaries, it will be enjoyable update ordinary objects. Pay attention: be accurate and the result will be great: no gifts out of the list and incomplete

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Delicious corners

Pralines, candies, sweets, pastries, delicious morsels at your fingertips: home made and prepared at the moment, the party goes on! If Your idea is to keep late hours, dance, have fun all night long, Your guests will appreciate sweet, enjoyable corners for tasting… and more. Some ideas? – sweet corners: fruits and chocholate (for ex

Invitation styles

Choose a detail You like and let it be the leit motiv of the event. Creativity and imagination are welcome, but don’t go too far… a little bit of formality is always tasteful. Invitations are frequently very classic: white or ivory, with relief printing, borders, drawings. They include handwritten envelope (don’t use stickers! They’re terrible