The first edition of a revolutionary event for the international event industry will be held in Disneyland Paris from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 February 2019: it’s Concept to Creation (C2C), conceived and organized by the well-known Florentine wedding & event planner Monica Balli. C2C, whose leit-motiv is significantly Awakening creativity to be trendsetters, is

A healthy dose of fun and entertainment does not make Jack a dull boy. Instead, he can party hard enough! Yes, and Jack will never ever forget about your party and spread the word to other Jacks as well. Incorporate all the fun, frolic and strategy and get that party started. Theme Parties Have a

Bachelorette capuera with tuscan flair

Production Launch Events

A production launch event is not always to mark a grand beginning, but can also be to publicize your event. You want it to be perfect and so create a good checklist before this show. Yes, it’s a show and you own it! The Magnificent Show Give your event a spectacular kick-start and create a

wedding florence italy by Monica Balli

When in Italy do what the Italians do! Sure enough, fair enough. Ok, to be honest, you would so want to do Italian even if you are not there. So, you want a dose of Italy in your party? Add some flairs to your event that will make it look all Italinooo! Food How can

drapery and light show for reception setting

Glitter and Bling for your event

Do not shy away to let your party be all glitzy and glittery. Charm your guests by adding some shine and color to your party and let them be mesmerized by your event. Here are some cool ways to incorporate glitter and bling without thinking too much about being gaudy. Because everything is fair in

Have you ever been to an orchestra? The much detailed event glides so smoothly in a much more coordinated feel, leaving the audience awestruck and mesmerized. And the orchestra conductor, who holds the whole responsibility for the show to be a success, is surely the man of the event. Well, you can just compare an

Bartender show by Monica Balli events

You might have surely come across this perfect meme, which perfectly describes why you need alcohol to enjoy. “I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun, you don’t need running shoes to run, but it helps” So why not add that bit of a booze to your event and make it


So, what are the odds that your grand event caught attention of those thousands of eyes and earned that thunderous applause? To be honest, none, if you did not market yourself well. You may not have a choice of how your event goes, but you do have a choice on how you present it. It

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How to surprise with food

There are two kinds of people in this world. The big foodies and the “normal crowd”. And the foodies, they just walk, talk and speak food. And yes, when out at an event or a party or just be anything, they will have a curious eye for your food. Food critics graciously out number the

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The words “thank you” may seem like a complete sentence in itself, needing no further explanation. But, owing to such a great event you hosted, how wonderful it could be if you had a little token to express just how grateful you are to have your guests at your event. Why not welcome and bid